Sunday, 6 June 2010

Early Bird!

Well, look at the time!  I just can't sleep at the mo, so while it is quiet apart from the birds who will insist on tweeting just outside my bedroom window at some ungodly hour each morning, I thought it wise to actually update my blog which I have been promising various people consistenently to update.....

Despite the lack of uploading cards onto the new forums (which I will do honestly!) I thought I would at least get the ball rolling by actually uploading the newest ones on my own actual blog - it helps! 

May and June are busy months family birthdays and anniversaries.  I have tried to set up a separate page called Cards Made (very original I know!) to upload my cards, but will publish in my favourite one each time I post (if you see what I mean).  Thankfully no orders from anyone so I have time to sort these out.   The ordering endeavour doesn't seem to have kicked off properly, so I will have to think out of the box on how I can get this up and running ......

Anyway - enjoy!

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